East Hill Meets Charter Oak

This month, our own Ann Sheybani will be conducting a Memoir writing class at Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford.  Charter Oak Cultural Center harnesses the power of the arts to create positive social change. To learn more about this worthy inner-city organization, click Here.

Here’s a quick course description:

Thinking about writing a memoir? If you’re human, you’ve probably got lots of questions and concerns.

Join Ann Sheybani of East Hill Writers’ Workshops as she addresses some of the most common issues that hold writers back:

  • Who cares about my life story?
  • How can I write about family or friends without hurting them?
  • How closely do I have to stick to the truth?
  • How do I keep from sounding whiny?
  • How can I faithfully reconstruct a conversation that took place ten years ago?
  • Where should I begin?

Get a cup of coffee, some paper and a pen, and settle in. Because what you have to say matters.


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