The Birth of a Book

Know how to eat an elephant?  Yes, that’s right, one small bite at a time.  Everyone knows that. That’s how you run a marathon, how you earn a college degree, and how you accomplish any hairy, audacious goal worthy of your time and energy.  Building a book involves making one decision, then another, and creating one small chunk of material at a time. Because to contemplate the project in its entirety is to set your self up for insanity and failure; it’s the best recipe I know for overwhelm.


Our own Ann Sheybani has just published a brand new, bouncing baby book. How to Eat the Elephant:  Build Your Book in Bite-Sized Steps will guide you, laughing all the way, through the minefields of content creation, revision, and publication.

• Separate yourself from the dreamers
• Locate your inner grit and long-lost focus
• Follow a fuss-free and completely foolproof set of steps
• Throw away the angst, and enjoy the ride
If you want to finish your book, publish it and become an ass-kicking, gets-things-done
author, there’s only one thing left to do….WRITE!  How to Eat the Elephant will show you how.

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