Thorough, insightful manuscript critiques,  line editing, and other editorial services upon request.

Manuscript critiques: e-mail info@easthillwriters with word count and a brief description for a quote.
Line Editing: e-mail info@easthillwriters with word count and a brief description for a quote.
Private Consultations: stuck?  Need to talk through some aspect of your project with a writer with fresh eyes? e-mail info@easthillwriters with a brief description of issue for a quote.


We’re about outcome, and results

Coaching is about results. It is a process of empowerment and accountability that will take you from where you are to where you want to go in the most effective way possible.

Through coaching, you will:

  • Identify and bust through trouble spots in your manuscript
  • Cut through old excuses that have held you back
  • Create clear, measurable, time-specific and obtainable objectives
  • Design and execute clear roadmaps to getting your project done
  • Experiment, take some creative risks, and have more fun

We offer 3 and 6-month programs. Each involves two half-hour-long sessions per month, e-mail access for strategy and problem solving, and up to 20-pages of manuscript critique.

**As a bonus, you’ll receive access to The Build a Book Bootcamp library of resources and recordings to keep you motivated (and educated) as you push forward.

Like to learn more?  Contact us at


 Take your Writing to the Next Step. $75/hour

 In an individual one-hour session, an EHWW leader will analyze a sample of your writing to pinpoint areas that need strengthening and discuss strategies for developing a more powerful and effective prose style.

Located at 7 River Street, Collinsville, CT  06019

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