Almost every handout you gave me is taped to my wall.  I would have been so hopelessly unprepared If I hadn’t workshopped with you.  Seriously.  It would have been scary.                  Jennifer Manley


I needed encouragement because I always thought of myself as a logical, get the facts kind of writer.  But, I began seeing I could be descriptive, compelling.  My story needs to be told, and I thank you all for helping me get started.            Susan Williams


The workshop worked well for me because as soon as I commited, I knew that I had made the right decision.  The tools I was given in class, along with the coaching, feedback, and the weekly deadline, were the right formula.  I finished the first draft of my manuscript.  Prior to the class, I was stuck with little pieces.            Rachel Galligan

It was an amazing experience to learn and grow in my own writing and connect with others through theirs.  As the weeks went on, I felt the support, sharing of experiences, and friendships grow.  We’ve learned about each other and our selves.             Beth Schave-Bemis


I loved the feedback and safety of group.  I knew I could share my personal stories.  The three of you offered valuable tips that I put to good use.            Laurie Ferguson


I have been in at least 5 writers’ groups and this has been one of the most enjoyable, due to diverse leadership, the small # of “students,” the specific focus on a few techniques of writing.        Phyllis Satter

I love it! This is one of, if not the best, “extracurricular” activities I’ve done in a long time. The feedback gave me confidence that I might have some talent and also some very needed advice about how I can improve—Can’t wait until February!                         Gina Broadbent

Located at 59 East Hill Road in Canton, CT  06019


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