A Reading On Sex and Death

Years and years ago, I decided that the best way to keep myself writing was to hang out with other writers.
So I set out to find other writers in the area and eventually joined a tight-knit writers’ group who met once a week in the author, Anne Batterson’s living room.
All these years later, I will have the honor of reading from my (still not done) memoir with one of those ladies, and you all know her, Sherry Horton, who has just had her manuscript picked up by a house in Maine.
Not only that, Sally Terrell, another one of our bunch, will be there as well, not reading, but playing the piano and singing.
This coming Saturday at Gallery on the Green in Canton. May 16th, 2015. @ 7 p.m.
I’d be thrilled to see you in the audience. Thrilled.
I mean, if I can fly in from Ireland to make it, you can get there too!

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